Dark Age of Camelot Contest

CamelotHQ is sponsoring a contest where 10 people will win guaranteed
admittance into the beta test! In order to apply, you have to create something humorous based in the world of DAoC and submit it. Some things you could submit include:

    * Drawing a humorous comic about DAoC
    * Writing a joke set in the times of DAoC
    * A screenshot from DAoC with "text bubbles" of the characters saying something humorous
    * A humerous song about DAoC (mp3 format please)
    * A DAoC top 10 list
    * A satyre or parity of DAoC
    * Anything else you consider funny that would be appreciated by our visitors and is set in the time of DAoC

You can read the complete rules of the contest and learn how to submit
your entry by clicking this link.