Dark Age of Camelot Preview

JC Smith of GameZNet has posted up a preview for Mythic Entertainment's eagerly-awaited MMORPG (currently in beta testing), Dark Age of Camelot. Here's a sneak peek...

    What's interesting here is that the races from each realm must work together to wage war on the other realms and to defend their own realm from invasion. Unlike recent big name MMRPG's(Everquest, Asheron's Call) where PVP was added more as an afterthought, Dark Age of Camelot will allow you to engage in team based PVP combat. You will only be able to PK(Player Kill) individuals from other realms. You will not be able to damage players of your own realm. The realms are large, split apart and well guarded. Each realm contains it's own relics. These relics are based on legends old and new and grant all players of that realm special bonuses. If they are stolen, the realm will lose these bonuses and the entire realm will be at a disadvantage until they are retrieved. It will be your job to protect your realms' relics while attempting to steal the relics of your

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