Dark Age of Camelot 'pressions

RPGvault helps kick off the "true" millenium by enlightening our curiosity about one of the more popular MMORPG's on its way, the Dark Age of Camelot. Set in the mythical land of Albion and inspired from Arthurian legend, the beta continues to push forward while Mythic Entertainment is hoping for a Fall/Winter 2001 release. Read about the happenings (as much as they're allowed to say with the ND agreement) in this beta from the 'vault's Jonric's most recent impressions. Here's some salad before the main course:

In terms of gameplay, Mythic has chosen to implement the games character system in incremental fashion, starting with a limited number of classes and adding more a few at a time. A month ago, six classes were available - Paladin, Armsman, Cleric, Scout, Sorcerer and Wizard, with Theurgist and Minstrel to come. However, a revamped system was instituted in mid-December. There are now 11 Briton classes in total including three new additions, Infiltrator, Weaponsmith and Friar. The number of classes that are actually playable has yet to increase, although this is expected to change quite soon.

The vault's feedback is sprinkled with some lovely screenshots as well.