Dark Age of Camelot Cozy Chat

In case your schedule just didn't have room for the Dark Age of Camelot House of Commons chat last night with the dev. team, don't despair. Camelot Stratics now has an edited chat log of the event just for your sit-by-the-fire-with-your-loved-one romatic reading enjoyment. Here's an excerpt from the near poetic prose:

Q: How do you learn spells? Do you do it through purchased\researched scrolls ala EQ? Points per level ala Diablo 2? Have some sort of systme like AC? Or something totally different?

A: You get your core spell list automatically as you make the appropriate levels. Later, as you explore the world, you may be able to quest for other spell lists, and of course those quests could have just about any set of pre-requisites, from money to Realm points.