Anachronox Phantasy Star Wars

Are you having bad Final Fantasy flashbacks? Feel a need for more of that type of play, without the frustrating PC gameplay? Here's a game that aspires to take the action/RPG (or is it RPG/action) throne away from the current champ, Deus Ex, utilizing a different style of gameplay, ala Final Fantasy. The name is Anachronox and it's in development from the very same company, Ion Storm as Deus Ex, though not being worked on by the same team. Games Domain wisked up one of those PC.ign-style long-page format previews from the game. A portion for your pre-previewing pleasure:

The skill system is fairly complicated but is slowly introduced to you, making it easy to get to grips with. As characters earn experience they can learn new skills and performing these skills increases their experience, with the exception of the usual minor skills, like wielding weapons and being able to use them. There are also some special character skills including the "yammer" skill. Yammer allows one of the characters to whitter on about their general problems in life before the recipient of this useless information breaks down and lets you have what you want. Another skill includes a robot's ability to talk to computers. These skills sometimes require the playing of a puzzle or an action game to continue. The game is littered with mini-games, including a missile shooting game in a similar vein to Terminal Velocity and a dancing game, which is similar to Konami's Benami series.

On a tangent:
It's funny how games developed differently on the consoles than on computer. It's not as if a game console can't use the same engine or have the same graphics. It's so simple though, the reason. What it boils down to is the control. What can you do with two-buttons? Or three or 4 or 8? Not nearly as much nor as fast as you can with a keyboard and a mouse. Therefore, for this very reason, you have two completely different styles of gameplay.