The White Rabbit

It's not RPG related, it's not adventure, puzzle, or even my favorite, Video Uno. The game's called Alice, and it's a mixture of dark fantasy, faery tale, and a little LSD thrown in... supposedly. The 'other side of Disney,' American McGee, gave his answers to Gamespot's slew of questions in an excellent interview plus new screens:

GS: In Lewis Carroll's novel, Alice doesn't exactly have the kinds of weapons you gave her in the game. Where did you draw inspiration for the icewand, jackbomb, and the rest of her arsenal?

AM: Inspiration for this came from a number of places, but mostly out of boredom with the shotguns, rocket launchers, and the like. Toys as weapons just made sense. Weapons such as the icewand make sense in the context of the areas that Alice explores in Wonderland.

This game looks killer and I can't wait to play it.