Arcanum Goop

Do they still sell those little trash cans full of green slime? I used to love those for some reason. I'll never forget that smell. Arcanum is back with an overview of the beta at Firingsquad. A squishy piece:
Freedom of choice is one of the themes that the developers are trying to include in the game: you can play the game how you want to play it. Your character doesn't have to be a skilled marksman, lumbering sword-swinger or genius magician. While some of those skills inevitably come in handy - so do the others. You could be a smooth-talking charlatan with a nasty habit of winning at gambling. Or you could be a stealthy but very likeable thief.
Fallout 2.5 anyone? If this game turns out to be as good as the hype, that might prove to be an insult, no offense to the kick butt game Fallout.

For some visual relief, Betabites fired off 11 new screenshots from the beta yesterday, with a deluge of interface shots in the group.