Black 'n' White Rap Session

During Sunday's serenity, the Lao-Tzu Black & White clan brings us an interview with the head of the art department at Lionhead Studios, Paul McLaughlin, about their game that's due sometime in the first half of next year. A morsel:
Talk about the varying gradients of damage, musculature and weight that affect the Titan’s appearance and supposedly make no two Titan’s alike. How is this accomplished (if you can tell us without revealing any trade secrets) ;-)

Hmmm. Well first of all youre creature (titan) can morph in realtime between any combination of the following; strong, weak,fat, thin, young, old,good, evil, small and big. This is mainly achieved by the artists creating multiple models of each creature (24 creatures so far, thats 240 different states!) to represent each of these states.
There's more where that came from, and this link will take you there.