Neverwinter Nights Interview

The lucky crew over at Neverwinter Nexus were able to get an interview with Rob Bartel of the NWN development team. Here's a quick bite of the strangest question in the batch:
12. Members of the BioWare team are frequently seen lurking the official boards. Would you consider this a means of satiating your masochistic tendencies for self-inflicted pain, or is it rather a sadistic fixation for watching the ignorant masses squirm?

Definitely masochism. Sometimes it backfires, though, and someone will show a sudden display of affection for us or say something nice about our games. When that happens, we usually resort to gluing tacks and shards of glass to our keyboards, just to compensate.
Luckily, the whole interview isn't about S&M... so go give it a read here.