Rune Review

3D Gaming Daily has posted up a review of Rune, the first-person RPG that is set for release November 1st. Here's a bit of what they had to say about the game:

    "Rune plays from a third person point of view such as Tomb Raider, Drakan, or the afore mentioned light saber duels of Jedi Knight. You do have the option of zooming in to a first person point of view, but I highly recommend that you become accustomed to the third person view. Simply put, because you engage all enemies at point blank range, and often several of them at once, the ability to see everything around yourself is very important. The controls can be set up however you desire, but the controls used for most first person shooters work fine, with WASD controlling movement and strafing, and the mouse controlling turning and looking around. I found that with a little practice it was fairly simple to carry out some impressive maneuvers."

Read the entire review here.