The Iron Oath Update #50 - Happy New Year

This year’s first Kickstarter update for Curious Panda’s gritty turn-based RPG The Iron Oath shares some belated holiday well-wishes and then follows them up with a sampling of fresh hit effects and a couple of videos that showcase a few of the game’s death animations. Here are the text bits to let you know what to expect:

Hello backers! Firstly we'd like to wish a Happy New Year to all of you, and we hope you had a terrific Holiday season :) Recently we've been putting a lot of focus on adding polish to combat, so in this update we're going to show off some of these improvements, which includes new hit effects, violent deaths, and boss kill effects.

Hit Effects

We've revamped all of the hit effects in the game for melee attacks, blood spatters and blocks. The effects we had previously been using were far too small and not stylish enough for our tastes, so we took a lot of inspiration from fighting games and we're quite happy with the result. Here's a look at some example gifs. (no in-game footage for these ones quite yet as they're still being implemented)


The effects also change slightly based on the angle of attack, which helps convey the direction of the attack a lot more than they previously did.

Violent Deaths

Violent deaths was one of the stretch goals that was reached during the campaign. We've made them pretty gory with some Mortal Kombat influence. Each piece has its own physics applied to it, so violent deaths will always be different, and we felt it was a better way to go than having 1 single canned animation per enemy/class(also far less time consuming!). Here's a video example, the sound effects are new and still being tweaked but pretty close to what the finished product should be.


Boss Kills

Boss kills also have a unique effect now too, as we felt that their death animation went by a little too quick and didn't allow much time for the player to savor the moment. We've added a freeze frame effect which puts a lot more focus on the kill. We're still making a couple tweaks to the sounds effects for this one, but it's pretty close to finished!


That's everything we wanted to share this month and we hope you like the improvements! Our next update will will come in mid-February, where we'll have some pretty exciting news to share with you, so stay tuned! :)