The Iron Oath Update #47

If you're in the mood for some neat-looking pixel art, then you should check out the latest Kickstarter update for The Iron Oath, Curious Panda's upcoming gritty turn-based RPG. The update features a short video and some sample animations, so be sure to check those out. And here are the text parts:

Hey everyone! Another thirty days have passed by and we're back to show you some of our work from the month of September. We don't have too much to share this time around, as the majority of our workload from this past month is a bit of a secret and not something we're ready to reveal quite yet ;) You'll have to wait a few more months for that but it's something we think is pretty cool and hopefully you will all feel the same!


Next month's update will have a bit more to showcase. The dialogue windows (including player responses/choices) have received some love this past month but there's still a little bit more cleaning up we'd like to do before we show it off. We've also begun work on prototyping and implementing some new environments, so we'll be looking to share some of that next month as well (might even make it a subject for a dev video!). It's our intent to make combat environments more varied and less straight forward (with more obstacles and hazards that are unique to each environment, requiring careful attention!), so we hope you'll like the direction we're taking with that.

See you next month, and as always, if you haven't already done so, please add us to your wishlist us on Steam as it helps to boost visibility and awareness! Thanks as always for taking the time to read :)