Rune II Release Date Announced, Gods Interaction Trailer

Rune II, Human Head Studios' viking-themed action-RPG and a follow-up to their action adventure Rune that launched back in 2000, can now boast a proper release date. Barring any last-minute delays, you'll be able to purchase Rune II exclusively from the Epic Games Store on November 12, 2019.

The game will task you with killing the trickster god Loki and in order to do so, you will be granted an assortment of divine powers. This new trailer showcases some of those:

Here's a press release with some additional details and information regarding the game's upcoming multiplayer beta:

MADISON, WI – September 11, 2019 – Ragnarok approaches! Human Head Studios announced today that its upcoming Viking action RPG RUNE II will be launching worldwide November 12 onto the Epic Games Store. Pre-orders are now live for this intense Viking-inspired saga, where only the bravest warriors will choose to gain access to exclusive weapons, armor, maps, and the game’s soundtrack.

Begin this epic quest by selecting a god with which to align. In the RUNE II 'God Interaction' trailer released today, players can learn more about the gods to choose from and the powers they bestow. Will you choose to align with the mighty Thor and call forth the power of his lightning hammer? Or will you pledge your allegiance to the dark Hel to cast a wave of ice spikes to impale your foes? Perhaps summoning a swarm of ravens blessed by Odin to attack and antagonize enemies on the battlefield suits you best? Watch the trailer and decide which deity you will choose.

RUNE II will also begin open beta testing Deathmatch Modes on September 20 through September 22. Join both Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch games where 16 players will battle to see who truly deserves to be in Valhalla. For instant access to the Deathmatch Beta, visit the Epic Games Store RUNE II page to download the Deathmatch demo and follow the official RUNE II Twitter for more information.

As Midgard’s chosen savior, kneel atop the Divine Summit to receive a blessing and powerful abilities from the god of your choosing in the endeavor to end Ragnarok. It’s a race against time to prevent the conniving Loki from destroying Midgard as he holds the world in a perpetual state of chaos and destruction. Alone or with friends, you will battle legions of Loki’s minions in brutal melee combat, travel the world collecting rare resources, locate precious artifacts to weaken the Realm Gate and craft the mightiest weapons the Nine Realms have ever seen. Are you powerful enough to take down Loki... or will a new age of darkness begin?

And if you'd like to learn a bit more about the game, you might want to check out this Escapist Magazine interview with Human Head's Chris Rhinehart. A few sample paragraphs:

The crafting system is purposefully simple, with players learning recipes by acquiring ingredients like deer meat or breaking down equipment for their component parts. Cooking food will allow you to restore health, while building anvils inside longhouses will allow players to whip up items that are more durable than what they’ll find adventuring.

These items are also likely to have better stats. Players can also build runeforges to apply extra boosts to damage or healing. Rhineheart compared the game’s gear to that of Diablo, with a large variety of items that not only increase your defense and damage but can do things like make you run or sail ships faster. Players will want to keep a veritable arsenal handy to handle the game’s varied threats.

“There are enemies in the world that are vulnerable to certain attack types or certain weapon types, so you want to have a nice array of gear to tackle all the beasties that Midgard throws at you,” Rhineheart said.