Hades “The High Speed Update” Live

The High Speed Update is the latest major content update for the Early Access version of Supergiant Games' Greek mythology-inspired procedurally generated action-RPG Hades. The update introduces a series of new speed-focused boons, a couple of new enemies, new environments, a fresh music track, and more. You can find the latest Hades patch notes here, or you can check out this video where the game's narrator recites them to you:

You may also be interested in this developer livestream showcasing the update:

You can find the key features of “The High Speed Update” below:

Key Features
  • Welcome Hermes, messenger of the gods, swiftest of all Olympians! His boons make you faster than ever, unlocking new potential in battle.
  • Battle New Foes, the death-spewing Soul Catcher and explosive Flame Wheels -- each bringing new challenges to Elysium, the game's toughest biome!
  • Explore New Chambers in Elysium, expanding the types of dangers and surprises that await on the way to the surface.
  • Gain New Boons, such as 'Battle Rage' and 'Merciful End'! Wield these godly powers responsibly!
  • Discover a New Music Track: 'Last Words', a rocking theme heralding Thanatos, the enigmatic incarnation of death.