Alaloth: Champions of the Four Kingdoms Story Trailer

Alaloth: Champions of the Four Kingdoms, Gamera Interactive's upcoming action-RPG that features some story bits written by none other than Chris Avellone, has received a new story trailer to go with this year's E3. If a story-driven action-RPG sounds like something up your alley, you might want to wishlist this game on Steam and watch the aforementioned trailer below:

A first look at the back story behind the world of Alaloth, created by the RPG legend Chris Avellone.

Alaloth is a beast, a dark fallen god who turned on his pantheon and fell to the mortal realms - there he lies imprisoned in The Valley of Storms, where the four kingdoms of men, orcs, elves and dwarves intersect. From this limbo, he spreads evil throughout the kingdoms, determined to extinguish out any light of hope for the people of the world.

As The Spectral Circle look to bring back the dark god from its limbo, four champions must fight to prevent the catastrophic takeover of The Four Kingdoms.

And here's a list of the game's standout features:

Game Features
  • The very first isometric souls-like game ever made: instant action, fun and a unique hardcore combat system to master. Intense combat and dungeon diving granted
  • In-game editor to customize your character choosing different Ways of Power, classes and skills
  • Explore, craft, gain reputation and unlock new quests in an ever-changing world that is different in each run
  • Local Multiplayer & Coop up to 4 players: group with other players or fight them to get access to the final battle. The glory awaits only the bravest!
  • 4 playable races (Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Orcs)
  • 40+ houses and clans to fight for with their own background, alliances, intrigues. Finish the game once to start your own legacy to write your own history in The Four Kingdoms
  • 12 memorable companions with their own backstories ready to join or fight you during your journey
  • World, lore and character backstories created in collaboration with RPG legend Chris Avellone, providing creative support and feedback on content design
  • Beware the dragons