The Iron Oath Update #42

The latest development update for The Iron Oath, Curious Panda's upcoming gritty turn-based RPG, shares some fresh monster animations along with a pixel art timelapse video, and lets us know what the developers have been working on over the past month. The update is short and to the point, so be sure to check out all the animations by clicking the link above. You can find the timelapse below:

And here are the relevant text parts:

Hey everyone! We have a few things to share in this month's development update. Firstly, as mentioned in the last update, Chris was able to start implementing the new enemies(12 new ones so far!) and their abilities into the game. It's nice to finally to see them in action, and on our end the process was quicker than we had originally thought it would be, which is always good :)[...]

In addition to that, we've also been working on new enemy designs and animations. Here is a timelapse Nik has done for the "Brightmane King" enemy, and the designs for the various "Nullbeast" creatures.

Lastly, most of our recent attention has gone into finalizing the UI for the game. Other than the combat HUD, everything has been using placeholder elements for quite some time, so it will be nice to finally get all those screens properly skinned so we can share them with you over the next few months :)