Kingdom Come: Deliverance - Band of Bastards DLC Released

Band of Bastards, the third piece of story DLC for Warhorse Studios' historical RPG Kingdom Come: Deliverance, is now live on both Steam and GOG. Priced at $7.99 or your regional equivalent, this combat-focused DLC will let you join a band of hardened mercenaries, complete a new quest line, explore some fresh locations, and more. Here's the official trailer:

And the DLC's description:

The roads around Rattay are far from safe, so Sir Radzig Kobyla has enlisted the help of an old acquaintance, the impoverished but wily Baron Kuno of Rychwald, and his infamous mercenary band. Radzig sends Henry to guide the band around the territory... and to keep their unbridled appetite for trouble in check. They set out to patrol the province and soon discover that Radzig's sworn enemies from long ago have come to settle old accounts. The rival bands engage in a tit-for-tat war that finally culminates in an inevitable showdown.

  • Combat-oriented quest line with multiple endings
  • New location “Kuno’s Camp”, filled with new characters with interesting stories
  • Camp side-activity “The Ring of Bacchus”
  • New items and a unique set of armour

Additionally, you can check out the latest patch notes here and learn a bit about the mercenaries you'll be joining here.