Two Worlds II: Echoes of the Dark Past 2 DLC Available

TopWare Interactive quietly released their second set of "Echoes of the Dark Past" DLC for Two Worlds II this weekend on both Steam and GOG, bringing more multiplayer entertainment to the 2011 RPG. There's an official product page and a fact sheet up on their website that you can take in, and I'll also quote from the $5.99 add-on's overview below:
Your Two Worlds II multiplayer adventure continues in "Echoes of the Dark Past II": Three brand new domains await you, each with two unique paths, for a total of six never-before-seen maps to explore!

Deep in the desert, a bloody conflict is brewing, and you must choose a side! Join either the Vanderbilt mercenaries or the Veneficus University expedition, each with their own unique quests, and unlock additional multiplayer maps depending on your choice!

Desert Storm
Fight desert demons, hordes of the undead, and a crazed cannibal clan in the biggest Two Worlds II multiplayer map yet!

The Tenebrae Passage
Join the crooked magician, Mendel, as you scour the old Tenebrae tunnels and clash with the Vanderbilt mercenaries, fighting your way deep underground to an ancient Tenebrae tomb.

The Tenebrae Tunnels
Side with Victor and the Vanderbilts, go to war against Mendel and the Veneficus mages, and help the mercenaries infiltrate the old tomb before the wizards do.

Sanctuary of Sama'El
Help the Veneficus mages fight their way through the Tenebrae tomb, but when they make a final, desperate decision, whose side will you choose?

Sepulchre of Sama'El
Continue your adventure with the Vanderbilts, as you attempt to save the ancient tomb from destruction while facing a powerful ally… or a deadly adversary, depending on your decisions.

Desert Storm: Team Deathmatch
Return to the endless desert and duke it out against other players or desert monsters in the largest Team Deathmatch map in Antaloor's history, four times bigger than any other multiplayer map!


The first non-linear multiplayer experience in Two Worlds’ history! Caught in the middle of a bloody war for mystical, ancient artifacts, you must choose a side, unlocking new maps and story events depending on your alliances.

• Explore the brutal landscape and unforgiving climate of Desert Storm, a true open-world multiplayer adventure set in the largest map in Two Worlds’ history!

• Monster Team Deathmatch: fight a traditional battle against an enemy team, or duke it out against deadly thugs and bloodthirsty desert creatures who respect no alliances!

• Updated tactics allow for spectacular ranged combat against evil mages and loathsome wizards!

• Face all new enemies in two separate adventures, spread across six maps.

• Experience a new level of immersion with a brand new musical score and updated sound and weather effects, from downpours to sandstorms.

• Weapons and equipment from the latest Two World’s II single-player DLC, "Call of the Tenebrae", are available to collect, trade and sell in the multiplayer mode.

• Updated and enhanced monster packs and a randomized enemy generator unleashes 30 vicious enemy types in different numbers and variations to match your character's power level up to 300.