Prey: Mooncrash - Blue Moon Update Available

Blue Moon, the new free update for the recently released Mooncrash DLC for Arkane and Bethesda's Prey, is now live, expanding the roguelite DLC with a selection of new skins for weapons, Operators and Mimics. The update also fixes a few bugs and issues for both the DLC and the base game. Check out the update trailer:

Here's what you'll find inside:

Prey: Mooncrash receives its second free update today. In each of these update bundles you’ll receive brand-new skins for your weapons, Operators and Mimics. And this isn’t the end of the freebies; even more Mooncrash updates are on the horizon. The next will be available in just a couple of weeks, and the much-anticipated Typhon Hunter multiplayer update comes later this summer. Check out the latest trailer and see everything the Blue Moon update has in store below.

The Blue Moon update is free for all Mooncrash or Prey: Digital Deluxe owners and includes:
  • Kasma Silenced Pistol
  • Kasma Psychostatic Cutter
  • Kasma Huntress Boltcaster
  • Kasma Disruptor Stun Gun
  • Wolfenstein Theme Operator
  • Elder Scrolls Online Theme Operator
  • Bucket Mimic
  • Propeller Mimic

And here are the latest patch notes:

Patch notes for the Blue Moon update are below:
  • Summoned operators can now speak when their inventory is closed.
  • Clarified the It’s All in Your Head side objective.
  • Fixed an issue where Harvesters would sometimes not damage players while recycling them.
  • Flashlights will now recharge when reentering the simulation.
  • Fixed an issue where the Psychostatic Cutter charge effect would sometimes remain after firing.
  • Moonsharks will no longer remain on fire while underground.
  • Psycholitic Converter will now allow Psychostatic Cutter ranged attack to be charged using health if no Psi is available.
  • Miscellaneous spelling and grammar corrections.
  • Additional bug fixes [Affects base Prey]
Base Prey Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where the player would be spawned out of world when loading an arboretum save post-apex
  • Corrected the value that suit repair kits display