Pathfinder: Kingmaker Update #55 - Season Pass & Post-release Content

Pathfinder: Kingmaker recently became available for pre-orders, and one of the options, the Imperial Edition, included a season pass. The new Kickstarter update clarifies a few things about the season pass, its contents and pricing, and tells us a bit about the current post-release plans the developers have for the game. More on that:

Dear Pathfinders!

As many of you have noticed, the Imperial Edition in our new pre-orders on Steam and GoG contains a season pass. We have received many questions and comments about this from you, so let us address the most urgent ones, starting with the nature of the DLC contained in the season pass.

After the end of our crowdfunding campaign, many of you have sent us requests for additional races, classes and other content and features to be added as DLC after release. So we are going to work on some additional content post-release to make the game even bigger and better and to add even more to the experience! This is going to be funded, you guessed it, with the help of the season pass. No content is cut from the base game for this! Pathfinder: Kingmaker will release with all the content, all the races, classes, story chapters, absolutely everything we promised during our Kickstarter campaign. You get the full game, as promised.

Over the coming months after release, we are going to release several DLC packs. The first three of these DLC packs will be in the first season pass. You will also be able to buy each DLC on its own when it releases. We will release more information about the contents and estimated release dates of each DLC at a later date. Don't worry, all will be revealed before the release of Pathfinder: Kingmaker!

As for the pricing, our Imperial Edition has everything contained in the Royal Edition, as well as the season pass. Because of that, it costs $15 more than the Royal Edition. The season pass is going to contain about $40 worth of DLC. Those of you not interested in the Imperial Edition will be able to purchase a standalone season pass when we get a little closer to release. As mentioned before, each DLC will also be available for purchase on its own.

One more thing: we are giving the first season pass to every backer, who pledged $95 or more for our beta tiers on Kickstarter or $110 on our crowdfunding-preorders for free as a thank you for helping us beta-test our early builds! So if you're one of our beta supporters, there's no need for you to buy the season pass - you'll be getting it from us, free of charge!

Hail to the Kings!


You may also be interested in the second installment of the retrospective developer diary that covers the tech used in Kingmaker. Have a look:

Dear Pathfinders!

Perhaps you have read about how Pathfinder: Kingmaker runs on 'a heavily modified Unity Engine'. Leaves a bit of room for interpretation, though, doesn't it? But what does that even mean? Let's shed some light into this with today's retrospective update!

When we mention modifications, we're not just doing so because it sounds so cool. Our devs have created tools and implemented features, which Unity doesn't normally come with out of the box. For instance, we're using our very own editors for branching dialogue, cutscenes and game scripts. We even have a tool named Nikolay, which lets us create new obects in the game faster than any of our designers could. Read all about it in this Kickstarter update!

And in case you're wondering how we're adding all those spells to our game, there's a tool for that, as well!

Next, there's the water. There's a lot to consider here! Density, depth, reflection, refraction, distortion, foam, flow direction, oh my! Ideally, liquids should also react when characters move through them. And what about mixing them with other liquids, such as dumping a bleeding corpse in a river? You know, perfectly normal stuff for you to think about when creating a videogame. Read all about it in our water update.

Speaking of blood - wanna know how we spread the warm, bodily fluid around the Stolen Lands with something we like to call 'screen space pre-pass decals'? Of course you do! This update also tells you everything you need to know about the lighting, shadows and fog and all that sort of thing in Pathfinder: Kingmaker.

If you had a look at some of our beta gameplay, you may have noticed how each character in the game doesn't just wear their class' unique outfit and their chosen weapon. There are scabbards, armors, cloaks - even consumables such as potions visibly appear on your character's belt as you ready them! It's all about the layers! Have a look at this Kickstarter update to learn more!

Finally, we'd like to mention something that's a little less 'tech' and a bit more mechanics and UI. Don't worry, we'll have a more in-depth retrospective update about these things, soon! In the meanwhile, check out our combat log! Who got killed by what, when, why and how badly? If it's detailed combat information you crave, then this and so much more is revealed by our log.

Hail to the Kings!