Pathfinder: Kingmaker Update #50 - New Race Unlocked

Thanks to numerous pre-orders and late backers, Owlcat Games' Kickstarter campaign for their isometric cRPG Pathfinder: Kingmaker now has over $1 million in pledges, which means that come release, the game will have an additional playable race. And if at some point the campaign will gather a total of $1.1M in late pledges, the Hellknight class will also be added into the mix. Here are some additional details:

Dear Pathfinders,

When our Kickstarter campaign ended, we promised that all funds generated by pre-orders and pledge upgrades on would go towards unlocking new stretchgoals. And we are happy to announce that the next milestone, a crowdfunding sum of over $1 million, has been reached thanks to your generous help and support! Thank you so much for believing in us!

Our exact crowdfunding sum is now at $1.026.681

This means that we now have the resources to add one more playable race to Pathfinder: Kingmaker. And you get to help us decide which race it's going to be! We have opened a poll on our forums, where all backers get to vote for one of three possible new races. The three options are as follows:
  • 1. Aasimar
  • 2. Dhampir
  • 3. Elemental*
*Humans, whose family trees include elemental beings. If elementals win the vote, we will add playable Sylphs, Undines, Ifrits and Oreads.

You can vote right now by visiting this thread on our dev forums:

Please note - you can only see this thread if you have transferred your Kickstarter pledge to our backer portal or if you are a preorder backer. If you need help transferring your pledge, send a message to team[at]

Thank you once again for making this possible! And who knows - perhaps we can even reach the next milestone of $1.1 million and unlock a new playable class - Hellknights.

They are intimidation, relentlessness, and unwavering conviction. They are the black-gauntleted fist of absolute order. They are the Hellknights! Provide your character with even more options to choose from, including unique abilities and items for the Hellknights, as well as the quest line dedicated to the their presence in the Stolen Lands. Face them on the field of battle or fight by their side - the choice is yours to make.