Phoenix Point Pre-Alpha Gameplay Videos

Julian Gollop presented a playable Pre-Alpha demo of Phoenix Point at the PC Gamer Weekender, and while the game bears a strong resemblance to Firaxis' XCOM titles, under the hood, there are plenty of important differences. According to the demo, Phoenix Point will feature a Fallout-like body part targeting system, the ability to move one tile at a time without losing your turn, realistic projectile physics, destructible environments, and so on. And later on, the Snapshot Games team plans to add a proper inventory system and move away from cooldown-based abilities towards something a bit more complex.

And while the animations and the visual/audio feedback could use some work still, the game looks quite promising already. Here's Julian Gollop showcasing the demo live on stage:

And here's a YouTube video from UnstableVoltage, a Snapshot Games developer, where he plays through the entirety of the demo: