Grim Dawn Grim Misadventure #132

This month's “Grim Misadventure” development update for Crate Entertainment's action-RPG Grim Dawn previews a couple of upcoming updates for the game. Launching later this month, the first of them will add a new roguelike dungeon, tweak the game's balance and rearrange its loot tables. And the patch after that will introduce a bunch of new Legendary items, along with some new content. A bit on that:

Welcome back to Grim Misadventures, the premier source of grim adventures in Grim Dawn development. Here on the coattails of the recent livestream, we’ll start by sharing the latest news on the upcoming roguelike dungeon.

The Ancient Grove and the accompanying patch v1.0.5.0 are coming later this month! Still a bit of testing remains and a couple minor bugs to iron out, but you will soon have the opportunity to venture into Mogdrogen’s sacred refuge and cleanse it of the corruption that has taken root. Brave adventurers will have the opportunity to acquire 4 new Monster Infrequents, 2 new Unique items and a mysterious new Mythical Relic Blueprint found only within the Ancient Grove.

Included in this major update are also balance changes, a tuning pass to the Crucible and some major changes to treasure chest loot tables that should result in significantly less items dropping, but more of those items being of Rare quality or higher.

All that and more is coming posthaste, but wait! There’s more! Coming up beyond v1.0.5.0, we will be working on another major content update for Ashes of Malmouth, coincidentally named v1.0.6.0.

Featured in the v1.0.6.0 update will be a series of new Legendary quality sets to hunt down and open up some new build opportunities.

Rumors speak also of something stirring within the waters of Ugdenbog, a fiend of mythical reputation that the slith of Cairn look upon as a god…