Monster Hunter: World Released

Capcom has announced the launch of Monster Hunter: World for both Xbox One and PlayStation 4, bringing dozens of additional hours' worth of monster-killing entertainment to our lives. There's an obligatory first day patch, as you might have expected, and you'll want to hit the previous link for information about pre-order bonuses, beta rewards, and the like:
"Sisters and brothers of the Fifth Fleet, it’s time." Monster Hunter: World is finally here! So get your hunting gear ready and set out to brave the dangers of the New World.

But first, some housekeeping; here is some essential info you’ll need for the journey ahead:

Version 1.01 (Day 1 Patch)

This hefty Day 1 patch (approximately 815 MB) includes the access key to the online server, additional languages, a cutscene gallery and every hunter’s favorite pet: the Poogie!