Kingdom Come: Deliverance "Of Minds, Blades, and Schnapps" Trailer

Of Minds, Blades & Schnapps is the title of the latest trailer for Warhorse Studios' upcoming RPG Kingdom Come: Deliverance that does a great job of condensing the game's authentic medieval open-world experience into roughly 16 minutes. We get to see Henry, the game's protagonist, deal with a gang of bandits, be a medieval detective, rob a merchant, haggle with a merchant, get drunk, and even engage in a horseback chase sequence. And as we see all that unfold, we also get a chance to learn about Kingdom Come's mechanics and roleplaying systems, such as its inventory system, wound management, and learn-by-doing skills.

Unfortunately, Kingdom Come's usual bickering duo of narrators was replaced with a single, more professional-sounding one for this trailer, and as a result it's not as entertaining. However, the footage itself is definitely worth a watch here: