Thea 2: The Shattering Update #17

The latest Kickstarter update for MuHa Games' 4X/RPG/CCG hybrid Thea 2: The Shattering combines holiday well-wishes with a development update. We get a Christmas card, a few paragraphs on development progress, and a new god reveal video. Let's start with the latter:

And now, let's see where the game's currently at development-wise:

Development progress

Editor: final (or as final as it ever gets at this stage, or ever ) works on the editor's functionality are being done this month. This means we're making sure things like - different challenge types, rewards, xp, event logic etc. - work as they should. We're also hoping to add the trade functionality, which is something much needed based on our experience of Thea 1.

Database - again, we're adding skills, resources, items, races, classes and more. Later, we will have to make sure these are all balanced, for now, we need them to exist and take shape so that we can push out that first playable prototype.

UI/Art/Story - these are constantly being worked on, 2D art is commissioned, 3D models are being matched with their 2D counterparts and perfected by A'vee, the quests are growing in number every week and with the editor shaping up, maybe they'll start working soon ;).