ELEX Albs Faction Trailer

Piranha Bytes has doled out another faction trailer for their upcoming RPG ELEX, and this time it showcases the Albs, which they describe as "the dark menace shadowing the world of Magalan". Let's begin with the video itself before we capture the description from the press release:

And here's the paragraph I promised you above:
Convinced that all weakness must be rid from the face of the world, the Albs are ruthless in pursuit of their vengeful goal. By consuming pure Elex, the Albs are able to think with clarity, growing stronger and more focused the more they consume. The price paid for their cold, menacing ambition is high; stripped of emotions, the Albs become machine-like unyielding beings. From their mountain fortress in the icy heights of Xarcor, the Albs are striving to gain full control of all of Magalan and wipe out any resistance.