Evil Islands: Curse of the Lost Soul Retrospective

We've been tipped off to a retrospective for Nival Interactive's 2001 CRPG Evil Islands: Curse of the Lost Soul that's been published over at Polish website PPE, which means that I'll also be providing the translated link for those of us who only read and speak English. This is one game that flew under my radar at the time, and I have yet to check out the GOG release, so I'll have to take their word on how the game's mechanics measure up today:
Another important element of the game was the creation of objects. In the game, rather than buying armor and weapons, the game was made of different elements. Each of the lands we visited used other materials. In the first village, stones and skins were used. These were divided into different types, the skin of the tiger was more durable than that of a certain tummy, and by picking the right number they were able to make some of the armor, these we could still properly strengthen with special runes providing various bonuses. But it is important for us that each armor has its own strengths and weaknesses. What a shame to me was when I got rid of the leather armor from the first village I got a shaggy harpy from a harpy attacking thunder. In the second village we donned metal armor and add 1 to 1 and you have the effect. Increased damage from electricity has become my nightmare, considering that the harp did not attack the claw, nothing seemed to be high armor. Such flowers could be found in the game a lot. We could have played many fights in a few ways and, as a rule, quietly following our opponents became the best weapon for our allies.

However, the game does not knock down. We controlled the Zaki, who lost his memory and tried to discover his heritage. Each of the 4 islands that came to visit us brought us closer to the discovery of this mystery. Virtually each of them was different and depicted not only a completely different society and available objects but also new tasks and surroundings. The strong aspect of the game was an untypical approach to the task. I was just used to that, as a rule, I had to go and kill something and come back with a trophy. EI decided to approach this completely differently. Sometimes it was our job to get behind the troll and rob him, and we avoided traps at other times. There was no shortage of fighting, as I mentioned at times frustrating, but challenging. This is a game in which we wipe the fast-pressing key, because death lurks around the corner. This added blush to the gameplay and did not let you forget about it.