Thea 2: The Shattering Updates, £29,589 and Counting

MuHa Games' Kickstarter campaign for Thea 2: The Shattering is going pretty well, having gathered £29,589 out of the required £40,000 in less than ten days. Out of the three currently available campaign updates, Updates #1 and #3 are mostly just minor announcements, and Update #2 is the one to pay attention to. It lists Thea 2's new and improved features, like the ability to have multiple settlements, and introduces a new god.

Let's start with the latter:

And then move on to the features:

New Additions (This list is not final and is subject to change!):
  • Islands, seas and boats! (Yup, you'll finally be able to traverse those pesky water features!)
  • More than one settlement! Thea 2 will begin with bare essentials, no village no safety... but eventually, you will have the chance to expand beyond the one village. This will not be easy and it will not reach the heights of empire building, but it will give the option for greater expansion.
  • Mini-map.
  • Pets (tbc, but that’s the design idea so far)
  • Customisable god traits(this feature is still wip, so I won’t say too much, but the gods will have their set bonuses to ensure their character is reflected, but you also be able to buy bonuses for them)
  • Advanced modding tools. If you like coding, you will have access to some great modding tools, that will let you truly change the game, including adding new races, classes, items etc. And the Event Editor will be available from the start as well.
  • At least 3-person co-op.The idea is you’ll be able to do challenges and quests together, gain shared xp and chose your won gods (that is, chose different gods each)
  • New card game mechanics. We’re trying to make the card game streamlined, more accessible and more tactical, while of course not losing any of the depth. (detailed info on the card game is coming later this week)
  • Biomes. We have six distinct biomes that will offer not only the thematic/visual diversity, but also varied difficulty levels, so that you can plan your exploration, rather than have it entirely randomized. (say the volcanic biome houses orc tribes as well as dragons and lava trolls, so you will know the risk there is higher, bit so it the reward)
  • Factions. In Thea 2 creatures will form factions that you can interact with, trade, talk, maybe even do quests for them. And of course, because it is Thea, they will be odd factions too, like bees or other unexpected foes. After all, it is a world where you could marry a spider!
  • Just more of everything… more quests, more items, more monsters, greater maps, more visuals, even more fun