Josh Sawyer on Fallout: New Vegas

In a recent interview with IGN Expert Mode, Obsidian Entertainment's Josh Sawyer talked about Fallout: New Vegas, and its Van Burren roots, and while there isn't a lot of new information there, we do get to learn the Josh was one of the people who wanted to keep Fallout turn-based, and hear some Vegas-related anecdotes in the process.

Unfortunately this video interview is currently exclusive to Facebook, of all places, so you'll have to go there if you want to check it out. Alternatively, IGN has published three bite sized articles (1, 2, 3), that offer brief excerpts from the 10 minute long interview. For example:

"There's a character in the game named Cass—and she's a hard drinking lady—and we had this idea of her and the courier getting into this drinking match and blacking out," Sawyer said on the latest episode of IGN Expert Mode.

That sequence would have then been followed by a "cutscene where you wake up but you're still kind of blacked out and you're in front of the king—who's essentially an Elvis impersonator—and he's marrying your characters."

After that, Sawyer said the player would black out again, and then "you wake up and you have wedding rings and you basically just got this Vegas-style wedding."