Expeditions: Viking Version 1.0.6 Live

An official Steam announcement informs us that after a summer break, Logic Artists have released a new 1.0.6 patch for their viking-themed RPG Expeditions: Viking. The update is quite a significant one, since apart from fixing a number of issues, tweaking some things, and adding support for custom portraits, it also includes the tools required to create custom game events:

Custom localisation and random events

This update also introduces support for loading in custom localisation files and user-created random events. Because of the way the scripting system in Viking works, there is no way for us to let you add new characters with new conversations to the game, but the random events that trigger on the campaign maps and during travel are loaded in dynamically, and now you can add new events yourself or even overwrite existing events.

In other words, you can now write your own damn Aife romance events and stop bothering us about it! :D


We have also released our toolset which includes some example files, all of our conversation work files, and the editor we used to set up all our conversations in the game. It comes with a PDF manual with thorough instructions for how to set up your own localisation files or add your own random events. To install the toolset, click on Library in Steam and select Tools from the drop-down. The entry you're looking for is "Expeditions: Viking Editor".

For the next update, we're working on implementing the Steam Workshop into the game to make it easier for our players to share custom events, localisations, and even portraits. Until then, you can still share your creations the old-fashioned way: by uploading them to mod sites or hosting them yourself. We recommend using ModDB or the Nexus.

You can also check out the patch notes:

New things
  • The "ancient" item set now has unique models
  • Custom localisation support
  • Custom random events support
  • Custom portrait support
  • 4 new beard styles, 4 new male hairstyles, and 7 new female hairstyles
  • A UI scaling option for running the game in high resolutions on small monitors
  • New animations for certain combat actions as well as for ambient characters
  • Taunt now has voice-over
Tweaks and improvements
  • Talon and Dust are now free actions
  • Cure no longer removes Spotted, Illuminated, Exposed, Disarmed, or Condemned
  • Made Taunt resistable with Mental Resistance
  • The difficulty of Guarding your camp now scales with your group size: the larger your party, the better you must guard it
  • Changed the skillpoint display to show the amount of points spent instead of the total
  • Follower selection popup now uses alphabetic sorting instead of being based on injuries
  • Fog of War now takes up way less space in savegames (will only affect new saves)
  • Distract can no longer be used on an adjacent enemy, as originally intended
  • The Focused status effect now increases Crit Chance by 10 points instead of 10%
  • Trip wire traps can no longer be resisted
  • When capturing an occupied campsite, the camera will now switch into the camping view once combat ends
Major fixes
  • Fixed issue with pathfinding when reloading Homestead, causing players to get stuck in the terrain
  • Fixed the AI sometimes switching to unarmed combat for no apparent reason
  • Fixed a bunch of weird things with the Runaway bounty encounter
  • The houses that are burning during the invasions of Perth or York will now remain burned-down after the battles
  • Fixed the skill caps being circumventable during character creation by double-clicking on the icon instead of using the Upgrade button
  • Made it possible to lie to Sandarr about taking Mani as a thrall exactly once and still come back to complete or fail the quest
  • Fixed a quest logic bug in Pack It Up that was prematurely closing the quest if you left the forest after resolving Unwanted Guests and then came back later
  • All characters' items will now be transferred to the item inventory in the unfortunate event of death
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the game to get stuck when returning from the final dream if you triggered it in a specific camp site
  • Fixed the issue where throwing the waterskin on an ally would select it instead
  • Fixed another way it was possible to get stuck in the Unwanted Guests side quest by clicking on things in the wrong order multiple times in a row
  • Made the intro conversation to the pig feud quest just play again if you interrupt it the first time and retrigger it later
  • Fixed a bug whereby the start time for all time-based status effects except Hung Over was not being set, causing them to be immediately removed again
  • Fixed an issue where allied combatants would sometimes not return to being NPCs
  • Fixed characters being able to traverse blocked hexes in two encounters
  • Fixed Torfinn not getting removed as a follower when you leave Skjern Forest before completing his quest, causing him to only spawn every 2nd time you enter the forest
  • Fixed the Swipe ability not dealing damage to enemies around the target if the target was killed
  • Fixed Cure and Restore abilities using reach distance when equipped with a spear
  • Fixed the Escaped Thralls conversation in Perth being able to trigger during any of the battles despite the thralls not being around
  • Fixed the combat character tooltips showing the selected character's crit chance in place of the hovered character's crit chance
  • Fixed a few typos in dialogue
  • Fixed an issue where some status effect icons would sometimes appear white in the camping interface
  • Fixed the error message for having spent the necessary action in the utility item tooltips looking in the wrong localisation file