Dishonored: Death of the Outsider Gameplay Trailer

Dishonored: Death of the Outsider is planned as a standalone experience in the Dishonored franchise, where you play as an assassin on a mission to kill Outsider, the god-like being responsible for many of the misfortunes within Dishonored's Empire of the Isles. You'll be able to achieve this goal by utilizing a variety of lethal or non-lethal playstyles and an assortment of never before seen supernatural abilities, weapons, and gadgets. To give us a taste of how it will all look like, the game's publishers at Bethesda Softworks have released a new gameplay trailer:

And here's a short description:

See a new side of Karnaca as Death of the Outsider takes you through its gritty underbelly. Investigate mysterious cults, infiltrate underground fight clubs, and even pull off a bank heist as you search for a way to do the impossible: kill a god. Playing as a new assassin, you’ll have access to slew of powerful new supernatural abilities, weapons and gadgets, all of which are designed to help you cut a bloody swath through Karnaca and leave your mark on the history. Or perhaps you’ll choose to be merciful and use your skills to slip unnoticed through the world. In true Arkane fashion, the intricately designed levels allow for a wide array of playstyles, with branching paths and heavy choices that will greatly affect the outcome of your mission.

Death of the Outsider brings players back to the Empire of the Isles, with breathtaking visuals, intricately designed levels, and brutal combat systems that are a hallmark of the Dishonored series. With a new character comes a unique new set of supernatural abilities, deadly weapons and powerful gear, empowering players to become the ultimate assassin. And with developer Arkane Studios’ signature style, you can once again be as bloodthirsty – or as merciful – as you like.