Ash of Gods Update #15

The latest Ash of Gods post-funding update deals with the logistics of running a Kickstarter campaign. The backers are reminded to fill out the questionnaires they've been sent and PledgeManager is announced as the platform where you can manage your rewards or become a late backer. Apart from that, we get an update on the $75+ tier reward that offers an opportunity for the backers to see a digitized version of their photo in game.

Have a look:

I want to tell you a bit about what we're busy with right now. Mostly it's the standard stuff you do after the end of a campaign: we're collecting information such as the sizes of the T-shirts and the wish-lists of the backers, calculating delivery costs and thinking about how to make things as fast and convenient as possible for you guys.

So I'd like to make a couple of announcements.

Firstly, if for some reason you haven't filled in the questionnaire we sent you through Kickstarter, please find the time to do so and to fill it in carefully. It's important. Otherwise Hederlig will be very unhappy.

If your tier includes physical prizes, please make sure your address is right. Please also let us know if you intend moving anytime soon, otherwise the parcel may end up going to the wrong addressee.

Secondly, we decided to start using PledgeManager. It gives us lots of capabilities to interact with you. For instance, with PledgeManager we can deliver the digital rewards to you as soon as they're ready. The way we see it, that's pretty convenient. I think one of the first rewards you'll get to view is the digital version of the comics. That's if it's included in your tier, of course.

You'll also be able to increase your pledge or to add some of the separate rewards (art book or cloth map, for example) that catch your fancy. Keep in mind that stocks are limited, and we don't intend to increase them.


Thirdly. We'd like to remind you that if you paid $75 or more and want to see yourself in the game, you need to send us your photo. Our amazing artists will use the photo to create the most authentic, accurate likeness you can imagine.

You can find all the requirements for the photographs, as well as where to send them, in the questionnaire we sent through Kickstarter.

By the way, most of the photographs we received have already been processed or are being completed as we speak.

Of course, apart from the hustle and bustle with the rewards, we are still hard at work on the development of the game, and step by step we are approaching our first fully-fledged build. We literally finished all the special effects of the game two days ago, and are still hard at work animating the finished characters, improving the UI and incorporating the map of the world, the random events linked to the map, and their results and consequences, into the game.