Pathfinder: Kingmaker Update #20, $602,342 and Counting

With 9 more days to go, Pathfinder: Kingmaker has surpassed its $600k Kickstarter stretch goal, adding the Magus class to the game. However, in the latest update instead of stretch goal-related talk we get introduced to another one of our possible companions: Octavia, a half-elven spellcaster with some roguish qualities. Have a look:

Another update, another companion! We're about to introduce you to the first half of an exciting duo that shares a lot - tragic backstory, magical aptitude, and affection for one another. Please welcome Octavia, a gleeful yet determined half-elf with a talent for magic and sleight of hand.

Whatever the situation might be, Octavia always pays close attention to details that often elude others. She is the quickest to notice a companion’s change of mind and the hidden suffering of other beings – as well as fleeting moments of beauty such as a pretty hair clip in a girl’s hair that deserves a compliment. Cheerful and quirky, this half-elf lives in the moment. According to her, the future is too uncertain to worry about while the past is better left behind. However, she's a bit disingenuous on that last part, and for good reasons: it’s hard to forget years of bonded servitude to the sinister Technic League that keeps all of Numeria in fear. Due to her magical aptitude, Octavia has been forced to serve the League masters for all her life. The only one who helped her get through dark times was Regongar, her true half-orc friend, who shared her pain and misery.

Light shines brighter in the darkness: hardships didn’t break Octavia’s boisterous spirit. Despite everything, the girl has brought her optimistic and merciful nature through the whole ordeal right to the day she became the master of her destiny. While on a Technic League's assignment in the Stolen Lands, Octavia and Regongar were set free by a daring adventurer, who claimed untamed territories for the young barony. Today, the half-elf can do as she pleases – and that includes fighting for all the just reasons as well as making up for every lost opportunity to primp and preen!

In battle, Octavia makes good use not only of her magical abilities but of her nimbleness, as well. She avoids melee at all costs: lack of armor makes her extremely vulnerable to direct attack. Instead, she prefers to sneak up on her enemies and eliminate adversaries with deadly spells before they know what hit them.