Pathfinder: Kingmaker Update #18, $553,662 and Counting

With $553,662 already pledged, Pathfinder: Kingmaker has reached its first stretch goal and this means that the elaborate camping mechanics are now in. With this milestone achieved, a new stretch goal has been announced. If Owlcats manage to secure $700,000, they'll add an extra story chapter to the game and bring it to Mac and Linux.

The new chapter is introduced by an in-character letter that contains story spoilers. If you're familiar with the Adventure Path or just don't care about spoilers, you should check it out in the update itself. And here are the spolier-free parts of the update:

Dear Pathfinders,

You never cease to amaze us with your enthusiasm and support for our project. You have just knocked out our first stretch goal! Thanks to your help, we can add camping to Pathfinder: Kingmaker! Thank you so much! Next stop: The Magus! But what's next? What lies beyond? Get ready as we are happy to unveil our next stretch goal!


New chapter to reveal hidden secrets of original Pathfinder Kingmaker AP story and Mac & Linux version of Pathfinder: Kingmaker

New stretch goal - Extra story chapter and Mac & Linux version of Pathfinder: Kingmaker

We are excited to unveil the expansion of the story of the Stolen Lands. While it's difficult to describe the story of these additional adventures without major spoilers, it is safe to tell you that this additional chapter will make it easier for you to get all the way up to level 20. Threats and encounters in this chapter will be challenging for even the most powerful heroes, so be prepared to face the deadliest, meanest and scariest foes.

One request, which has been made by our community time and time again was for a Mac release. So we are excited to unveil that the second part of this stretch goal is bringing the Pathfinder experience to Mac & Linux platforms.