Ash of Gods Kickstarter Campaign Successfully Concluded

Ash of Gods, a Banner Saga-styled RPG from AurumDust Studio, has been successfully funded on Kickstarter with a total of $87,031 pledged. For a while it looked like the campaign wouldn't secure even its initial $75,000 goal, but thanks to a late pledge surge, the AurumDust folks now also have to deliver a couple of stretch goals. The $80,000 one, that adds 50+ sidequests and expands the backer rewards for the $35+ and $75+ tiers and the $85,000 one, that adds a new battle theme by Adam Skorupa to the game's soundtrack.

The first post-funding update, released soon after the campaign's conclusion, sums up the current plans for the 1.0 version of the game. Check it out:


It will be the story of Thorn Brenin and his circle of people, flavored with a good number of secondary quests (events) that can (and will!) happen to them on their way to the final goal. The quests will reveal more about the heroes and the events taking place in the game world.

Hopper Rouley will follow in Thorn's tracks, allowing the user to see the consequences of the decisions he or she took on behalf of Brenin. In all likelihood, we won't have resources to create the ability to manage Hopper's team or let it participate in battles, although we're going to give it our best try; but only time will tell. At the very least, Hopper will play a large role in the story.

Cutting down on Lo Pheng's storyline is a lot harder for us. We wanted to show the other side of the conflict, but our initial stretch goals proved too ambitious. We want to preserve his influence on the story through the decisions of the players, and not turn him into an ordinary NPC. We'll only know for sure how we're going to handle the Lo Pheng storyline around August. We'll definitely write about it in more detail closer to the time.

As far as localization is concerned, the release will have two official versions—Russian and English. We'd love to get help from the fan community to translate the game into German, French, Polish, Spanish and Portuguese. Unfortunately we won't be able to pay the usual localization rates for all the above-mentioned countries, but we are definitely willing to encourage this process with the help of some nice prizes.

We'll also record an additional battle track for the game, which will help to make the battles slightly more diverse from an audio perspective.