Phoenix Point Update #21

The latest Fig update for Phoenix Point provides a recap of Julian Gollop's experiences at E3 2017, including him having a beer with Jake Solomon, the lead designer on the Firaxis XCOM games. There's also an hour long VOD of Julian playing through the currently available build of Phoenix Point. Have a look:

Apart from that, the update tells us what Snapshot Games will be working on over the next three months. Check it out:

What happens next?

At the weekend, Julian will take the long journey back to Sophia to continue development on Phoenix Point. Over the next three months, Julian and the team will be focusing on adding the following features:
  • Realistic ballistics system for combat
  • Strategic game systems and geoscape view
  • Destructible environments
  • Faction haven structures
  • Humanoid animation and mutation systems
Julian will also be preparing to welcome the latest members to the Snapshot development team and set them to work. Snapshot Games are also still hiring talented people, and intend to take the total team size up to around 30 members. If you have games development or art experience and would like the chance to work on an exciting upcoming game which will be played around the world, then check out the available positions over on the Snapshot Games website.