Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem Update #56

The 56th Kickstarter update for the open world action-RPG Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem is a bit on the shorter side but to compensate for its length, it brings some good news. We learn that the newest version of the game adds the minimap, a feature that any self-respecting game should have. The minimap can also be extended into a map overlay, a common thing for action-RPGs.

Here are a couple of words about the minimap and the other changes the update brings:

While developing update 0.5, progress has been made on a major feature that many of our players have been requesting for a long time : the minimap! So here is update 0.4.2, feature a working minimap and overlay in dungeons, improved auto-dashing and more changes!

The new minimap is still work-in-progress and will be refined and improved in update 0.5, but is precise-enough for players to orient themselves within even complex environments.

Players can also bring up an overlay map in dungeons, which helps navigation in a big way. Fog-of-war will be added in a future update.

Dashing is now also more reliable and visually improved.

The transparency system has been improved too, and cases of flickering and visual artifacts have been eliminated.

The game's official website also has the full patch notes:

  • New minimap in dungeon!
  • New Dash system! It is now a short range teleport with a warm up animation. Includes particles and sound!
  • Items left on ground will now be automatically removed after 24 in-game hours
  • Minimap overlay toggle, force move, force attack and item comparison left/right switch keys have been added to the keybinding menu
  • Greatly reduced particle emitters CPU usage
  • Fixed various bugs with the transparency system
  • Fixed AI pathfinding high CPU usage issue
  • Fixed a very rare crash on online autosaving
  • Fixed a rare random crash when exiting dungeon
  • Fixed a rare random crash when transitioning between dungeon floors
  • Fixed the issue causing some players to not generate error.dmp when crashing
  • Fixed a physic related memory corruption crash
  • Fixed multiple raycast related crashes
  • Small CPU optimization related to on ground items name display UI
  • New spell icons for Conflagration and Holy Dive.
  • Fixed the bug that caused characters to lose all their attribute points after resetting stats to the lore master then clicking on cancel
  • Level 0 rings, amulets and capes bug has been fixed. Note that items dropped previous to this fix will still be displayed as level 0.
  • Rebinded skill shortcuts are now properly displayed in the skill bar
  • Fixed a bug that caused walls on the border of the map to not be removed when removing the floor under it
  • Fixed a placement bug for wall furnitures that allowed to place paintings on ceiling chandeliers
  • Fixed a bug causing items stored on the mannequin not to be saved properly
  • New Dash sounds
  • New Rain Fire sounds
  • New Lightning Orb sounds (and for AST variants)
  • New Gravedigger/keeper sounds
  • New Fire Breath sounds
  • New Brutal Strike sounds
  • New corpse explosion (Gibs) sound
  • Enabled reverb for footsteps
  • Legendary Item drop sound falloff increased
  • Undead Warriors are wielding a weapon again.
  • The undead are now roaming the land.
  • Monster elites now spawn later in the game.
  • Fixed targeting issue with the Lightning Staff (ray attack)
  • Improved collision detection between the player and enemies projectile
  • Tweaked effects and randomness of item qualities.
  • Fix some parts of the lightning staff combo not inflicting the weapon’s damage.
  • Removed the stamina regen malus on heavy armor.
  • Rage Loss bonus of heavy armor has been moved to medium armor.
  • Rogue armor now increases dexterity.
  • Removed the resource pool percent bonus on mage armor.
  • Mage armor now increases power.
  • Active Skills now also get statistical upgrades at level 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25.
  • Frost Nova - Fixed the cooldown increasing with spell level.
  • Legionary
    Rush now only increases dash distance since the new dash is instantaneous.