Battle Brothers Reviews

Now that people have had some time to spend with Overhype Studios' strategic RPG title, Battle Brothers, we have a batch of reviews to read. The general impressions range from mildly optimistic to highly positive. See for yourself:

PC Gamer 84/100:

Despite being fresh out of Early Access, though, the majority of Battle Brothers is well-oiled and dependably fun. I kept humming with the victory and despair I usually reserve for X-COM campaigns: the archer who makes a wondrous 19% headshot; the swordsman who blocks and dodges his way out of certain death; the veteran soldier suddenly gutted, lost forever behind the veil of permadeath. Battle Brothers takes a formula I love and twists it to fit a wide-open medieval setting. I don’t have to save the world, I just have to make enough to fix my gear, hire a new sword, and go on to my next contract. The stakes aren't as high, but it feels just as rewarding. 92/100:

In the end, one can argue that Battle Brothers is an amalgam of elements from different games. Its roots grow past the obvious answer of Heroes of Might and Magic influence to that of Darklands (MicroProse, 1992). During my on-going playthrough I felt more connected and invested on my heroes ragged, gritty, filthy brothers than I did on those in Darkest Dungeon. I was in complete stress before a potential hit during the battle and did more improper hand gestures to my screen once it landed than I did in XCOM-2. I felt as much conflicted for the long-term impact of my decisions as I did in The Banner Saga. Battle Brothers immersed me more than what you would expect from “just” a turn-based tactical RPG. I love its artistic approach, its mechanics to every last bit, and of course its unforgiving difficulty curve. I would not have it any other way. To this reviewer's humble opinion, this is easily the leading candidate for indie game of 2017.

A Wargamers Needful Things Scoreless:

Even with all the content in [t]he game, it's clearly a candidate for more of everything, you really couldn't have too much variety here. More quests, character backgrounds, events, enemies, world ending disasters, and weapons are always welcome. Some areas I would love to see expanded in a patch or DLC down the road would include deeper interactions with towns, more options for running the company itself, a more complex perk system, or even introducing more fantastical elements like magic or taking a step forward in tech (why not both?).

If you have read this far and are still interested in the game, I strongly urge you to go buy it. This is easily my favorite game of the year so far. Not because it has flashy graphics or an amazing storyline, but because it ticks so many boxes of what I want a game to be. It is fun through and through, and feels polished from the moment the game begins.

Cultured Vultures 9/10:

Battle Brothers is a phenomenal indie game, and despite some minor grindy tids and tads, as well as potentially frustrating randomness, it’s a platform for vast quantities of self-made stories, both cheerful and devastating. Those that revel in the brutal, merciless genre will find a fantastic fantasy setting to devote time to, smashing and slashing across ne’er-do-wells, wild Greenskins and chaotic undead.

RPGFan 82/100:

Battle Brothers knows what it is and doesn't try to be more than it should be, and that makes it so much better than other titles that strive for an epic or storied feel. What's accomplished here is a solid, honest package of thrills and strategic depth, though not oppressively so. In truth, the world can get monotonous and drags at times, but I also found myself losing track of time on several occasions as I told myself, "Just one more job." I dabbled in Veteran a bit before writing this review and couldn't get back into it — I just couldn't find the heart to jump right back in after I had developed such an incredible group of fighters who I got to know by name. One day I will likely pick the banner back up and I may just fall on the battlefield twenty hours in. And that's okay.