Battle Brothers Development Updates

The final release date for Battle Brothers is almost upon us and the latest updates on the developer blog reflect that. Dev Blog #97 is mostly about polish. It showcases the Noble Houses, overhauled for more challenge and flavor, and a number of quality of life improvements, like being able to speed up the in-game clock, or retreating from battle without leaving the overland map. An excerpt:

We managed to squeeze in a few more quality of life improvements this week. One of those is a feature many of you have been waiting for: the ability to speed up time on the worldmap.

Have you ever escorted a caravan, got attacked by overwhelming enemy hordes and decided that this really isn’t worth dying over? You’re now able to leave that caravan behind, quite possibly to die, directly from the worldmap. No need anymore to tediously move every one of your men to the edges of the combat map first.

Finally, the tooltip for any faction in the relations screen will now show you a log of all recent events, positive and negative, that influenced your relation. Makes it much easier to understand why someone’s hating your guts.

The latest blog post treats us to the first episode of a developer's Let's Play in the preveiw version of the game's final pre-release update. This update will be available to Early Access players at a later date, but for now there's the Let's Play on YouTube.