Hellgate: London "London 2038" Multiplayer Mod Pre-Alpha Signups

The team behind the ambitious multiplayer mod for Flagship Studios' original Hellgate: London are now accepting sign-ups from anxious volunteers willing to help them with pre-alpha testing. And if the "pre-alpha" designation didn't send the message home, the disclaimer on the form makes it clear that there are still plenty of bugs to deal with before it'll be ready for full public consumption:
Please use this form to express your interest in pre-Alpha testing London 2038. The pre-Alpha state of the game is not anywhere near bug-free, and should not be expected to be played as if it is a stable, retail product. We need testers, not people just playing for fun. We need your help in identifying issues and inconsistencies, and appreciate your interest! You MUST join Discord and express interest before being considered, thank you!
Really, really looking forward to this one. In the event that you're chosen to participate, you'll need to have an original Hellgate: London retail installation with the single player v1.2 patch and multiplayer 2.0 patch already installed.