The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Mod Enderal Expansion Announced

A few days ago SureAI, the team behind Nehrim, a total conversion mod for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, and Enderal, the total conversion mod for the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, announced the first expansion for Enderal, Enderal: Forgotten Stories. Here's the official announcement:  

Enderal: Forgotten Stories is an expansion-pack/DLC for Enderal. It is being developed mainly by Nicolas Lietzau, one of the project leads and lead writer of the main game, with the support of a small part of the SureAI-team. “Enderal: Forgotten Stories” aims to bring in parts of the story’s content that had to be cut from the initial release, adding 10-20 hours of new quest content, as well as improving several aspects of the main game.

Just like Enderal, Enderal: Forgotten Stories will be fully voiced for both English and German. Two voice actors to note are: Lani Minella who voiced multiple characters in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and Dave Fennoy whose lent his voice to games such as Fallout 4, Fallout: New Vegas, Mass Effect 2, World of Warcraft, and many more.

After the original mod released to critical acclaim from many websites, as well as receiving high praise from many Streamers on, Enderal: Forgotten Stories is definitely an expansion to keep an eye on as more updates are given.

Enderal is playable for free if you own a full legal copy of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (No DLC's are necessary), and can be downloaded here.