Seven: The Days Long Gone Environment Teaser, Interview

Since we last checked, Fool's Theory isometric RPG Seven, which in the meantime acquired the subtitle The Days Long Gone, has been showcased via a new environment teaser video. You can check it embedded below:

On top of that, if you are interested in the title you might want to read PC Gamer's interview, which touches upon subjects such as the game's take on a post-apocalyptic universe, the protagonist's unique role in gameplay and story as a thief, the structure of the main quest, the new environments shown in the teaser, the game's short length, and more. A snippet:

As a thief, I also understand the protagonist can just as easily steal his way into otherwise barred locations—can you tell me a little more about exploration in Seven and the importance of investigating your surroundings?

Exploration and investigating surroundings was our main idea behind Seven: The Days Long Gone. Basically you can go anywhere, and you can steal everything. Even though our game is an isometric RPG, you can still climb the highest buildings and watch the world from its rooftops. You can break into households, steal things and get out through windows. You can use your senses to find useful items, or traps. You can find a secret stash which will be the beginning of a side-chain-quest. It is totally worthwhile to explore the world!

Of course not all NPCs will be happy as a result of your thievish activities, so sometimes you'll need to use your parkour skills to get away—to jump over the rooftops, climb the walls and make a quick disappearing act. We will show more of it in upcoming gameplay trailers.


Speaking to the new teaser above—can you explain what we're seeing there?

The first location is a sort of a mystical swamp, with its dangerous inhabitants and poisonous marshes. Don't be fooled by the fairy-tale surroundings, though, the swamp is a deadly place.

The next one is the last 'hi-tech' city of the world named Hallard, which is a capital of Vetrall Empire and headquarters of Emperor Drugun. It's packed with the forgotten technology, monumental buildings and enormous statues.

The last location in our trailer is Mortbane, a small town on the Peh island, which is covered with poisonous gas and distrustful residents. You really shouldn’t go there without finding a proper gas mask first. Once you have it, you can travel there and uncover its disturbing secrets.