Pillars of Eternity Patch v3.05 Live Now

Obsidian Entertainment has released a a small hotfix patch for Pillars of Eternity (the patch is out on Steam and will probably go live soon on GOG and Origin) that fixes a bug introduced by the last patch that affected some creature stats in The White March Part One expansion and made a change to the statistics of one of the expansion's Soulbound weapons, making it far less powerful on its max level:

Only one fix:

Stalwart auto-save no longer jumbles up creatures stats

Only one change:

Dropped The Unlabored Blade 'Firebug' proc from 10% to 3%

As per the forum post announcing the patch, Obsidian will keep monitoring their forums and fan communities to be aware of eventual other bugs that need fixing, so this might not necessarily be the game's last patch. It certainly looks to be the last planned one, however.