Mass Effect: Andromeda Companion Profiles, Kett Reveal, Vision and Impressions

Since the last time we checked, a bevy of information on Mass Effect: Andromeda has been released by the folks at GameInformer. First of all, they have a profile for two of the new companions, the asari Peebee and the human Liam. A snippet:

Peebee, an asari, is a lone wolf and adventurer at heart. She came to Andromeda aboard the Nexus, but true to her character, quickly went off adventuring on her own. She doesn’t come as part of the Pathfinder team like Liam. “You find her in the course of your adventures,” Walters says. Peebee is particularly interested in all of the alien technology and things that can be found in Andromeda, constantly looking for clues and things she can study. “

While she’s super smart, she isn’t so keen on formalities or social niceties, which can make her come off as very blunt and forward. “Her mind goes quickly as does her mouth,” Walters says laughing. “It’s hard keeping up with her.” In fact when she meets you, she just goes up and tackles Ryder. Just because she’s an asari don’t expect her to be anything like Liara. “She’s very bubbly; Liara was very serious,” Walters says. “Peebee will buck the norm at any given time. She’s not about rules or culture or anything like that. She’s not even about teams or teamwork.” We’re guessing that’s going to lead to some conflicts among the party. So what drives her to join Ryder? She sees you as someone who can lead her to finding out more about the galaxy’s mysteries. “Her role in this is helping you find out more about this alien technology,” Walters says.

There's also a 11-minute interview with creative director Mac Walters, detailing the vision for the new game, and a video reveal of the Kett, a new alien race that will play an antagonistic role throughout the game.

Finally, the folks at GameInformer have posted their own hands-on impressions as part of their video podcast (impressions start at 4:20):