Divinity: Original Sin II Out on GOG

In case you'd like to try Divinity: Original Sin II while it's still in development but didn't want to marry yourself to the idea of playing it on Steam, you'll be glad to know that the title is now out available on GOG.com. The title can be, of course, purchased from GOG for €44.99/$44.99, but the developers will also be providing GOG keys for backers of the game who prefer the platform.

Divinity: Original Sin II needs no introduction at this point, but for those of you who don't know, it's a sequel to Original Sin that promises to punch up its feature set with 4-player multiplayer with characters with different (and sometimes opposite) goals, significantly more options during character creation which will also alter the story, better visuals, improved combat, and a more serious story.

If my explanation doesn't come across as sufficiently clear, you can always check out the game's Early Access trailer: