Tyranny Strongholds Livestream

This night, Obsidian and Paradox streamed some new Tyranny gameplay which focuses on stronghold gameplay, which had so far been kept under wraps. There are a few major takeaways from the stream.

First, there's going to be multiple strongholds, though all of them very similar. The Fatebinder will be able to unlock various spires (ancient towers left behind by an ancient civilization that were used for unknown purposes) that can be upgraded to serve a certain function. During the stream, the developers upgraded one Spire to serve as an infirmary and one Spire to serve as a forge.

Secondly, crafting will seemingly only occur at spires. For example, the developers could craft some new potions at the infirmary (provided they had the recipe and resource to do so, which was consolidated from a number of ingredients to a single "alchemical supply") or improve weapons and armors at the forge. Additionally, it's also possible to craft unique items, provided you have recruited NPCs that can do so. There won't, however, be an enchantment system like in Pillars of Eternity, with additional effects to apply on weapons and armors.

Finally, it's possible to teleport from any spire to any other spire instantly, potentially vastly reducing travel times to locations that are close to a spire. Whether that's a hint that there will be more time-sensitive events in the game in addition to Kyros' Edict at the beginning, it's hard to say, but I find it hard to imagine time could have been made a factor for any other reason.

I suggest to take a look at the full stream for a more complete overview of the gameplay elements available at the Spire strongholds, especially since it's less than an hour of gameplay footage, Q&A with chat included.