SpellForce 3 Previews

A handful of hands-on previews for THQ Nordic and Grimlore Games' SpellForce 3 have emerged on the web over the past several weeks, thanks to the availability of an alpha build of the RTS/RPG threequel at various global gaming events.


Buildings will be upgradable over the course of the game. At lower levels, they use common supplies like wood, while at higher levels, they may require smelted iron. There are three races in the game — elves, humans and orcs — and each with its own distinctive units. Each race also have a special one-time-only "super" unit that can completely change the tide of the battle. In the case of the humans, it's a giant mechanical titan. Each race also has a higher tier that grants them access to magical abilities.

While the town is being built, you must form an RPG party with up to four members. The party is comprised of characters who you can recruit from the game world, and each individual has distinctive abilities and a backstory. You'll send these heroes to explore the world and slowly expand your territory, so new towns can be built and greater resources can be collected. You'll also clear out dangerous monsters, such as giant spiders, to make your town safer and more productive.


Coming back to any series after so many years must yield significant changes. In the past decade, a lot happened in the industry. The second SpellForce had all the clunkiness typical for the games of that era (remember that it was possible to lose the tutorial mission?). During the showcase, the developers focused mainly on the heroes – every important character will be fully voiced over, and each will choose among the three complex skill trees. The whole system is supposedly pretty flexible.

For example, an archer can also become a healer, and the player will then be able to develop their willpower in order to strengthen their healing spells. Types of damage will also be of importance – every weapon will deal different damage (slash, strike, thrust, etc). Choosing the right weapon will make certain fights much easier, and will save a lot of trouble and… potions. The opponents will be difficult, forcing the players to exploit their weak spots and use all available skills. The rule will particularly apply to bosses, who are able to mow down many regular units.


Much like the last two games, Spellforce 3 focuses on that unique mix of genres while trying to give it more depth. In terms of heroes there will be more characters, options, and more importantly decisions which influence the story in non-linear ways. The devs also overhauled the equipment for heroes and nailed the RPG feeling, what reminded me of classics like Diablo or Sacred, and looked well-executed. Damage based on weapon types like swords or maces play a bigger role since every enemy will now have different resistances, so having a small arsenal with you will be necessary at all times.

The RTS part of the game also has some interesting mechanics and while still in alpha, you can see the direction the developers want to take. Workers are the backbone of your base, like everywhere else. However, Spellcorce 3’s workers management will make or break the player’s efforts. Buildings can only hold so many workers and will also work as fast or slow according to the number of workers assigned.

GameKult (translated):

The real novelty of this demonstration came from the sectors system. Thus, to continue the expansion of its territory, it must now capture areas on the map. These represent independent areas and the key to victory will get to maintain exchanges between these. Indeed, if an area needs a big dose of wood to finish a building, it will be much more interesting to import other than wait for the harvest by the peons on it. Thus, the title adds a small heartfelt economic layer, and interviews some improvements towards the management of workers promise a management rather interesting production.

If this system sectors is a good excuse for us to play the kings of the logistics, it is also a good way to focus the fighting on well marked points of interest. Because of the admission of developers, the management of these areas will not be plain sailing. Jack, loss, and recovery will be in the program and the creators have even integrated neutral zones, appearing without banner and where it will meet certain conditions to take full advantage.

And RPG France (translated):

The demo that was given to my view was unfortunately not very long, and we must admit that at the end, we started to turn slightly round. So the RPG part that I discovered the first gameplay elements SpellForce 3 and we were in familiar territory for fans of this kind we are. Here we can control the heroes that we have to recruit As our travels on the different maps of the game. Although we are limited to four playable heroes on the team, the total number of characters will amount to much . It will obviously question of warriors or mages yet, and each will own attributes and skills that will own it. It will be the same for usable weapons that show varied as we can for example use a halberd. I do not know what I have with this polearm, but I've always been fascinated by its curious forms.

The heroes that we will control can perform multiple tasks, such as talking through dialogue fully lined and of course fight, but they serve above all to explore the different maps of the game. These phases will be entirely conventional since we can fall to loot and will have to fight enemies. The bestiary should show varied, but we are fallen into this demo on spiders and humans from other factions. After long hours market (yes I exaggerate) in a forest that unfortunately most banal design, we set up a first camp. It is from there that the strategic phase will start, but know that everything will run without any transition. We will continue to explore with our hero, which will in any case need to find new veins and new camps and manage at the same time our various buildings and peasants.