Tyranny Short Story Series, Part Four: Carved of Shadow, Crept from Darkness

Narrative designer Megan Starks has treated us to a fourth installment to the ongoing short story series for Obsidian Entertainment's Tyranny, with this latest entry sporting a title of "Carved of Shadow, Crept From Darkness". An excerpt, as you might have expected:

Layla takes a ragged breath but doesn’t scream. She rattles in his grip as he crashes into the wall. The entire right side of his body throbs acutely, numbed. Soon he won’t be able to feel anything. Not panic, not grief, not the haft in his hand. Not heat nor anger nor love.

“My dagger,” she says as it skitters across the floor.

How she’d maintained a clutch on it before is beyond him. Even draining like a split boar, she’s tough as bronze. Had always been the toughest of all of them.

“Rademos!” he howls.

“Did you see it?” she asks. “It slunk from the shadows.”

“Rademos!” Nunoval shouts again. “Rademos!”

Layla’s head lolls, and the darkness draws closer. Hunched and hulking, it moves inhumanly on elongated hands and feet, crawling, creeping, no, stalking across the room, its saber-like claws tap-tap-tapping slowly, deliberately, against the mosaic tiles. It is hunting. And they are its prey.

Cold sweat beads Nunoval’s brow. His pulse pounds in his neck, thump-thump-thumping to the clawed beat of their coming death. For a skip of several heartbeats, everything feels surreal.

When the creature, the form of darkness, is only a few yards away, it rises once more and, ambling, drags its black claws along the wall, casually but deeply furrowing the stone.

It’s savoring this, toying with them.