ELEX Gamescom 2016 Gameplay Footage

Gamescom was also a chance for THQ Nordic (formerly Nordic Games) and Piranha Bytes to show off ELEX, the latest open-world action-RPG from the German studio behind the Gothic and Risen series. There's quite a lot of gameplay footage for the game, in fact, which showcases its peculiar blend of sci-fi, fantasy and post-apocalyptic aesthetics and mechanics.

First of all, we have 9 minutes of direct feed footage from fansite World of Piranha Bytes:

And also some off-screen footage with commentary, recorded by German website PC Games Hardware. The commentary itself is in English, though:

I'm certainly hoping the blend of genres ends up working in the final game, and I'm very interested in the possibilities opened by gadgets such as the jetpack, but those animations and UI aren't exactly doing a great job at selling the game at this stage. While a bad visual presentation wouldn't stop me from playing the game, I'm certainly hoping for some substantial improvements by the time the game is released.